babusyatanya (babusyatanya) wrote,

Linux fest и всякое встречное

все сессии в записи:

самые лучшие из тех куда я попала и не попала:

(12) The New Toy Story: the Trojan Barbie Doll (Privacy Gets Privatized)

(59) They are watching you

on privacy rights, legal and illusory, in the world of the Internet of Things

(35) Open Panel Forum with the ACLU and friends

(38) Security at Resistance Camps: Lessons from Standing Rock

a talk about the security challenges we faced at the #NoDAPL camps at Standing Rock
NoDAPL – It's not too late, help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

(48) Anonymous Communication via E-Mail

one approach at hiding the metadata content of messages while still using standard e-mail apps and protocols

пушистый енот

Sunset drums

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Tags: #nodapl, linux fest, nature
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